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standalone executable opens with warning for missing directory paths

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Daniel 12 Jan 2012
when I use mcc to compile a matlab function, the standalone opens allways with a warning: | Warning: Name is nonexistent or not a directory: /usr/local/bsse/etc/matlab. > In path at 110 > In addpath at 87 > In matlabrc at 239
The path is the location of Matlab in the machine where I created the standalone. What can I do to avoid this behavior?
thanks in advance, Daniel

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Chirag Gupta
Chirag Gupta 12 Jan 2012
This is possible because the matlabrc file on the machine where the executable was compiled might have modified settings (or a custom startup file).
MATLAB compiler when compiling picks up these (startup files). When the deployed application is run, it again tries to execute these startup file, but will throw up warnings if the path is not present.
Because of this reason, I'd recommend using the isdeployed (and ismcc) function to customize matlab start up routines.
if (~isdeployed || ~ismcc)
% Custom path additions, if not a deployed application or mcc

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Daniel 12 Jan 2012
thanks, it was a good hint. There was a -wrong- matlabrc.m file in the same directory as my mcc. Problem solved.

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