Hidden 1D data in a map when using contourm

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Mercedes Cordero
Mercedes Cordero 2015년 12월 7일
답변: Amy Haskins 2016년 2월 24일
Hi everyone,
I'm using several functions of the Mapping Toolbox and I'm having troubles when plotting a point in the map. I've created a US map (taking it from a WMS server, using geoshow function), and on top of that I've created a contour map with the precipitation data for one day, reading a *.nc file and using the contourm function. The problem comes when I try to plot a marker on a certain point in the map, it somehow hides. If I move the map taking it out of its limits I can see the markers, but they're somehow hidden between the layers. It only happens for 1D data (if I try to plot a line there's no problem), for which I've tried using geoshow/plotm functions, and neither of them worked, nor did trying to move the markers to the top. It also happens when trying to plot the worldcities.shp data (as it's also 1D data).
Does anyone know if there's some sort of "incompatibility" between the functions I used? I get no warning or error, as I said the points are plotted but hidden and I've found no way to make them visible. This reminds me of the property 'DisplayType' of the geoshow function, where you can choose 'texturemap'. Is it possible that the contour map is hiding my data?
I would really appreciate any help!


Amy Haskins
Amy Haskins 2016년 2월 24일
I have a couple of quick guesses:
  • When calling geoshow to plot a single point, be sure to use 'displaytype','point'.
  • Make sure that your map is really 2D and not 3D. If your contours have non-zero Z data, they may be covering up your points.
  • If your using R2014b or newer, check the SortMethod property of your axes. If it's set to 'childorder', then the last thing you add to the plot should show up on top. If it's something else, set it to 'childorder'.
ax = gca;
ax.SortMethod = 'childorder';

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