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How to compile a matlab program?

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I have done a matlab program. Now I want to use it in a matlab free environment (Independent of Matlab)in any computer. Is there anybody who can help me in doing compilation?
Thanks in advance

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 6 Mar 2011
You need the Matlab Compiler Toolkit . Information about how to use it is available here
Please note that the Matlab Compiler can only produce executables suitable for the platform (Windows, OS-X, Linux) that the compiler was used on, not on "any computer".
Also please note that running the executable requires installing MCR (Matlab Component Runtime) on the system that is to run the executable, and that you as creater of the executable would be responsible for providing MCR to each of the users -- MCR is not available for downloading from Mathworks. You would also be responsible for ensuring that only people authorized to use your executable get MCR from you: it is not allowed to make MCR available outside your organization without access controls to prevent the public from downloading MCR.

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Bijit Banik
Bijit Banik 6 Mar 2011
Thanks a lot.

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva 6 Mar 2011

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Bijit Banik
Bijit Banik 6 Mar 2011
Thank you.

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