How to control/interface Windows media player with MATLAB?

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shorya gupta
shorya gupta 2012년 1월 11일
My objective is to change the playlist in Windows media player using matlab, i.e., on a triggering signal output by a matlab code the playlist must change in windows media player. Is this kind of interfacing possible? If yes please guide me. I am using Matlab 7.10 and windows media player 11
P.S. the media player can be any conventional media player used in day to day life eg. vlc, itunes, foobar, mediamonkey, windows media player.


Chirag Gupta
Chirag Gupta 2012년 1월 11일
You can take a look at the Windows Media Player Object Model here:
Sample MATLAB code (and I'm no expert on WMedia Player)
actx = actxcontrol('WMPlayer.ocx.7'); % Create Controller
media = actx.newMedia('C:\Music\Sample.mp3'); % Create Media object
actx.CurrentMedia = media;
You should be able to check other properties and configure it from the Microsoft document

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2012년 1월 11일
You might be able to use activex . If not then you would have to use Java Robot Class.
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shorya gupta
shorya gupta 2012년 1월 11일
I am sorry I am not aware of its programming could you please guide me how to go about it?

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