Automatic yTicks for both axes when zooming into plotyy graph

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TK 2015년 11월 18일
답변: Esha Bhargava 2015년 11월 20일
Hi. I have a figure created with plotyy. When I now use the zoom function only the xTicks refresh, but not the yTicks. So if I zoom too much, it could happen that I dont see any yTicks at all. I found the ActionPostCallback function but I dont get it work. Thanks in advance. Best


Esha Bhargava
Esha Bhargava 2015년 11월 20일
This enhancement has been incorporate in MATLAB Release R2008a. By design, the function PLOTYY has two axes superimposed. This behavior occurs because the second axis is front most when you use the PLOTYY function. As a workaround for the ZOOM functionality, you can download the following file from the MATLAB Central File Exchange:

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