putFile command is not working

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Biruntha Gnaneswaran
Biruntha Gnaneswaran 2015년 10월 27일
답변: Biruntha Gnaneswaran 2015년 10월 29일
Hi, I follow this to transfer file to raspberry pi hardware. it works well while i sending image. but if i send text file it gives an error. how can i solve this?
mypi = raspi;
Error executing command: pscp: output.txt: Cannot open file


Murat Belge
Murat Belge 2015년 10월 27일
This works fine for me. Can you execute the following commands an post the results:
>> a = dir('output.txt');
>> disp(a)
>> system(mypi,'ls -al')
>> system(mypi,'df -h')

Biruntha Gnaneswaran
Biruntha Gnaneswaran 2015년 10월 29일
mypi = raspi;
Before I used fclose after pufile command. now this code is working

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