Enable/Disable uitabs in uitabgroup, with v2015b

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Antoine Luijkx
Antoine Luijkx 2015년 10월 3일
답변: Sean de Wolski 2020년 11월 6일
In a GUI, is there a way to disable/enable a tab created by uitabgroup / uitab.
In a GUI I'm building, I would like to prevent the user from accessing some tabs at earlier stage of the process, and then grant access later when some operations are done in the GUI.
In following example:
I would like to disable tab2 (something like set(tab2,'Enable','off') would be nice).
It was possible with previous release (I tested with v2013a) using the following sequence:
... but I can't make it work using v2015b.
Thank you,
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Bin Makhashen
Bin Makhashen 2015년 11월 20일
I got the same issue, please any expert help us!

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Lynn 2016년 4월 28일
To access the underlying Java object, use FindJObj.
Try replacing
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MatMar 2016년 9월 29일
Not sure whether your question is still uptodate:
I am using Matlab 2014b.
handles = findjobj(tabgroup)
handles = findjobj(tabgroup)
returns four handles in my case.
If I use
it works.
Best regards Marius

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David Young
David Young 2015년 11월 20일
A quick thought - how about using the SelectionChangedFcn callback of the uitabgroup object, to select another tab when one of the forbidden tabs is slected?
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Antoine Luijkx
Antoine Luijkx 2015년 11월 21일
Thank you for proposal. That's indeed a workaround I have in mind. However, that's not fully satisfactory, as user can't see if a tab is enabled or not before clicking on it.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski 2020년 11월 6일
In App designer this is possible by adding a panel inside the uitab and disabling the uipanel.


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