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Ziv Kassner
Ziv Kassner . 2015년 10월 1일
편집: Adam Danz . 2021년 4월 26일
Is there any new function that allows you to create a legend for all subplots?

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Luffy 2015년 10월 1일
편집: Luffy 님. 2015년 10월 1일
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2021년 4월 26일
Actually, Matlab does support a global legend in recent releases.
Another answer on that same page provides a demonstration.

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Victor Castro di Filippo
Victor Castro di Filippo 2021년 4월 26일
편집: Victor Castro di Filippo 님. 2021년 4월 26일
Hi. I find this post looking for the same. I found this and works fantastic. Almost 6 years and a pandemic later i hope this works for you.
On this part you can put your list of string and thats it
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2021년 4월 26일
편집: Adam Danz 님. 2021년 4월 26일
This only shows object plotted on the current axes. For example, it doesn't work in this example below. However you can add a global legend by following one of the example in the other answer in the link you shared.

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