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making a color plot with 3 matrices

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Joseph 12 Sep 2015
Edited: Joseph 12 Sep 2015
i have 2 matrices as E(43,30619) and C(43,30619) and an altitude array as alt(43,1), E and C is related to altitude i want to plot a color plot in which put E ax X axis and C as Y axis and alt determines the color of points. i have used below script, but i couldn't get the plot i was expecting.
can any one please help me.
thank you
Z = alt;
[dummy ID]=sort(Z);
% figure
for i=1:length(Z)
X = EE(i,:);
Y =C_2(i,:);
hold on

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 12 Sep 2015
pointsize = 14;
scatter(E(:), C(:), pointsize, repmat(colors(ID,:), size(E,2), 1) );

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Joseph 12 Sep 2015
thank you for answering. however your answer gives me below error:
X and Y must be vectors of the same length.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 12 Sep 2015
You indicated that E(43,30619) and C(43,30619) . As those are exactly the same size, E(:) and C(:) would have to be exactly the same size. Please recheck the sizes of E and C.
By the way: you are aware, I hope, that you are plotting more than a million points? You are going to have difficulty seeing them all unless you have a high resolution display.
Joseph 12 Sep 2015
yes, it was my mistake, sorry about it. by mistake i used matrices with different dimensions. but using matrices with same dimension this time it didn't give error. it gives a plot with white screen. i think as you said, probably the number of points are too many that the display can't show the graph.
thank you, helped a lot.

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