Simulink bit operations

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Raldi 2011년 12월 16일
Hi all, I wanted to ask if from a number of bits that are represented with 1 and 0 is possible to invert the ones to -1 each lets say two bits? Thanks in advance.
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Raldi 2012년 1월 13일
basicaly i was trying to create an ami nrz line code, i think flip flops is the only way to do that. I havent finish it yet though.

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva 2011년 12월 16일
[1 0]------>Gain(-1)----->[-1 0]
Use the Gain block and define that gain as -1
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Raldi 2012년 1월 13일
I was thinking more of using a flip flop as it has memmory, The general idea was to create a simple ami-nrz line code.

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