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How to deal with Singular Jacobian error?

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kyana shayan
kyana shayan 2 Sep 2015
Hi, I'm running a BVP code, and I keep receiving this error. Error using bvp4c (line 252) Unable to solve the collocation equations -- a singular Jacobian encountered.
Error in mat4bvp (line 4) sol = bvp4c(@mat4ode,@mat4bc,solinit);
Here's the code: function dydx = mat4ode(x,y,omega) dydx = [ y(2) -(((omega*(1-exp(-8*x))*8*exp(-8*x))... /(2*(x^2)))-(pi^2/(32*x)))*y(1)]; end
function res = mat4bc(ya,yb,omega) res = [ ya(1) yb(1) ya(2)-1 ];
function yinit = mat4init(x) yinit = [ (1/(2*pi))*sin(2*pi*x) cos(2*pi*x) ];
function mat4bvp omega=0.8057; solinit = bvpinit(linspace(0,2,10),@mat4init,omega); sol = bvp4c(@mat4ode,@mat4bc,solinit); x = linspace(0,2); y = deval(sol,x); plot(x,y(1,:))
Can anyone plz help me?



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