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i am student, i want to detect the tumour that is lung cancer cells present in lungs using template matching algorithm.

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i have an image of lung effected with cancer. what i want to do is, first i want to eliminate noise if present in image by using a filter.for this can u provide best result. i known wiener function. and then i want to make image segmentation for finding the effected cells base on intensities. after that what i want to do is template matching with some predefined data base. i want your help friends.

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sri aravind
sri aravind 29 Sep 2015
I take it as a base paper which you provided for me @Walter Roberson, can you help me in this project,since I am an instrumentation student and new to field of image processing.
sri aravind
sri aravind 29 Sep 2015
ya exactly, what you said is right Mr.Star Strider. I need your support for my work and i see your profile which you had solved many question of other exactly what they need.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 29 Sep 2015
There are tons of papers on lung cancer image processing/analysis. You can find a list of some/most of them (at least in the Image Processing Journals) here:
20.7.2 Lungs, and Lung Cancer Image Analysis Thorax, Thoracic Analysis Pulmonary Nodules, Lung Nodules
There may also be some others in the medical journals. We don't have code for any of those papers so you'll have to ask the authors or code them up yourself. And I'm sure every author is presenting what they think is the best method, but I have no way of knowing which is really best, or even appropriate, for your kind of images. Good luck.

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sri aravind
sri aravind 30 Sep 2015
we are trying to build the code by our own, but what we need is some experience person in the field of image processing so that we can go on with our work. thank you for providing information related to my work.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 30 Sep 2015
My experience in the field of image processing would suggest that when you have a limited time that you should avoid asking for the "best" method of doing something, and should instead pick a method of doing it and start implementing.
Image Analyst is probably the most experienced person in image processing around, but not the most experienced in medical images. Image Analyst does not have time to do your research for you. I do not have time to do your research for you. I would be surprised if Star Strider has time to do your research for you (but I don't know; he might be willing to consider a research contract.)
Start implementing and if you run into parts of MATLAB you do not understand then we will assist in that.
sri aravind
sri aravind 2 Oct 2015
I accept, what you said Mr.Walter Roberson. I am feeling very happy for all of your support and to make my decisions in a manner which can I move towards the goal in a correct way. I am very thankful to all of you sir's for giving such a valuable suggestions.

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