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Is trial overwriting my legitimate Matlab installation?

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K E 21 Aug 2015
편집: K E 25 Aug 2015
I have a paid-up installation of Matlab R2015a and many toolboxes. I want to try two other toolboxes and requested/received a trial for them via the License Center. When I downloaded the trial , I seemed to have to download Matlab too: popup window said 'Removing files for Matlab', followed by a popup window saying 'Downloading Matlab', ... etc. The trial installation seemed to undo my 'legitimate' installation, yet the trial toolboxes were not available after the installation. What is the correct way to install only trial toolboxes while leaving my existing installation intact?


the cyclist
the cyclist 22 Aug 2015
On my Mac, the trial download does not overwrite a prior installation. It installs in, for example, /Applications/MATLAB_R2015b (where the prior version was in MATLAB_R2015a).
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the cyclist
the cyclist 22 Aug 2015
Ah, right. Somehow I confused pre-release and trial.

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