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Can fast restart be set programmatically?

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My model takes a long time to initialize and compile relative to simulation run time. This model is called iteratively in a script using sim(). I hoped to use the Fast Restart feature but the R2015a documentation indicates that Fast Restart can only be used interactively. I verified that my model can use Fast Restart when simulated interactively by clicking the run button. Is there really no way to avoid recompilation programmatically?

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro 17 Aug 2015
편집: Sebastian Castro 25 Apr 2018
Unfortunately, Fast Restart can't be used programmatically in its initial R2015a release.
In R2015b and later, you can enter:
set_param(modelName, 'FastRestart', 'on')
- Sebastian

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Rostislav Teryaev
Rostislav Teryaev 24 Apr 2018
set_param(modelName, 'FastRestart', 'on')

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