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Redirect compiled GUI error/output information

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Matt 2015년 8월 6일
I have a GUI under development that throws errors. This is by design to test some error handling/recovery methods. The problem is that in order to see when an error makes it past the handling I must have launched the compiled GUI from the command prompt. Since no one does that I want to make it redirect that error information by default to an error dialog box. I have a work around by wrapping everything in try catch blocks but this feels sloppy to me and it works only for errors. Is there a way to redirect all printed/displayed information to a stream other than the command prompt by default? I have played around with creating a separate figure as sort of a log but had trouble directing output there. The ideal solution would be anything like fprintf, display, warning or error would magically create a new window and display the text. If I can't redirect everything, redirecting all errors somewhere would still be very helpful.


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