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OS works with big lag during CUDAKernell execution

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my OS is 32bit winXP SP3
I've noticed that during kernel execution OS works with big lag (about few seconds). Is this normal or not?
P.S. Someone, take a look at my previous question :-)

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross 6 Dec 2011
32-bit Windows XP CUDA drivers don't support TCC mode, which may be contributing to your problem. The Windows 7 drivers do. TCC allows the CUDA card to run in a "Compute mode", which removes it from window-rendering duties:
There is also a configurable timeout for CUDA kernels to start:

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 6 Dec 2011
Is your CUDA on your graphics card that your desktop is on? If so then have a look at
On the Windows Vista, Windows 7 operating systems individual GPU kernels running on GPUs that are responsible for desktop rendering are limited to a 2 second runtime.
The implication (to me) is that kernel operations or rendering could be delayed by about 2 seconds.


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