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Difference between Simulink Coder and Embedded Coder

Would you please let me know what is difference between two toolboxs "Simulink Coder" and "Embedded Coder"? And is there any possibility to generate c++ code from Embedded coder?

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Sebastian Castro 님의 답변 3 Aug 2015
Sebastian Castro 님이 편집함. 20 Feb 2019
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Both Simulink Coder generate C code from Simulink models, and both of them can put that C code in a C++ wrapper to be effectively integrated with other C++ code.
The main difference between these products is:
  • Simulink Coder generates code with the purpose of the model being able to run standalone without a MATLAB license, or to verify the behavior of the generated code on a host computer.
  • Embedded Coder generates readable code that can be much more finely configured, customized, and optimized through various settings and constructs. Embedded Coder also provides support for automatically building the generated code on embedded systems (hence its name).
- Sebastian

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codegen is a MATLAB Coder function, so it works on MATLAB files (.m extension)
rtwbuild and slbuild are indeed Simulink Coder functions, but will also work with Embedded Coder. The only difference is whether your model is set up with the grt.tlc (Simulink Coder) or ert.tlc (Embedded Coder) system target file in its configuration parameters.
Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it! Now I have all my answers!
thax for such gret answers ...!!

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