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can we change the intensity value of the histogram??

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suppose we ha histogram. on a particular x value i want to change the y value . can it be possible ? if yes then tell me ..

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 3 Jul 2015
Yes. To change the counts array, just change it. For example to change the number of counts in bin #101 (which holds counts for gray level 100), and to get rid of big spikes at the ends, do this:
[pixelCounts, grayLevels] = imhist(grayImage);
pixelCounts(101) = 1234; % Change count to 1234.
% Suppress big spikes at 0 and 255:
pixelCounts(1) = 0;
pixelCounts(256) = 0;

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 4 Jul 2015
If you "threw away" the image and it's no longer available, then no. You cannot reconstruct an image from its histogram. Lots of images could have the same histogram. Just imagine if you rearranged the same pixels in your image - it would look totally different yet it would have the same histogram. The advice is to save your image and not discard it if you will need it later.
user06 5 Jul 2015
Image Analyst actually i have made changes in the histogram of an image, and want to know that how much distortion is introduced into the image, for that i have to generate the image back from the histogram. is there any way to do that?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst 5 Jul 2015
Like I said above: No.

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