how can I make the signalbuilder run

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Ahmed BOULMANE . 2015년 6월 22일
댓글: Ahmed BOULMANE . 2015년 6월 25일
can I run the signalbuilder through Matlab script's ? if yes, so how ?
thank you

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Abhiram Bhanuprakash
Abhiram Bhanuprakash 2015년 6월 22일
Hi Ahmed,
You can use the sim command to run any Simulink model using command line API. Documentation here
So, you can create a Simulink model with a signal builder block and then use sim to run it by command line.
You can also set block parameters of a Simulink block using set_param. You can query them using get_param. You can use these functions on the signal builder block to set or query block parameters.
Hope this helps,
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Ahmed BOULMANE 2015년 6월 22일
thank you Abhiram,
the problem is that I'm looking to make run a single group among those that exist in the signalbuilder, knowing that we have 60 groups.

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Ahmed BOULMANE 2015년 6월 24일
Heeeeelllppp !!

Anthony Poulin
Anthony Poulin 2015년 6월 24일
편집: Anthony Poulin 님. 2015년 6월 24일
Do you want to select a specific group of your signal builder?
If YES, use the command: signalbuilder(block, 'activegroup', index) which sets the active group with the index that you specified. Then run your simulation, with the "sim" command (like Abhiram says).
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Ahmed BOULMANE 2015년 6월 25일
thank you :) it works good (y) otherwise, have you any idea about how can I load the index from a .txt file

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