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how to read textfile that contains mupad expression into mupad session?

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I have a text file, say "foo.txt" that contains one mupad statement such as
And from the mupad notebook interface (not Matlab's workspace), I want to simply evaluate this so that `x` will be defined in memory so I use this list later.
I have reason why I need the statement to be in file.
Currently, I have to open the text file using external editor, copy it and paste it into a cell in the notebook to be able to use it.
Is there a way to evaluate/read this file and have mupad evaluate it? This is easy to do in Maple like this:
read foo.txt
and now `x` is read and evaluated as if one had typed the content of the file in the notebook. I looked at all the mupad input/output calls, such as readdata
but the above does not do what I want. I am using Matlab 2015a.

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