Unusual set_param error with system

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Adam Keller
Adam Keller 2015년 6월 9일
답변: Titus Edelhofer 2015년 6월 9일
In the image I have attached, you can see if I type gcb, set_param works, but If I type in the exact same path, I get an error. Even in the error, its says:
Invalid Simulink object name: R_edge_detect/Subsystem/Filt
This matches the object that is identified with the gcb command... Help!

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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer 2015년 6월 9일
note, that there is a line break. This should work:
set_param(sprintf('R_edge_detect/Subsystem\n/Filt'), 'SampleTime', 'Ts')
Or: remove from the block the line break ;-).

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