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How to label imrect while tracking?

Dear all,
I am trying to make a tracking software using image processing toolbox only. I am using imrect for tracking a ROI. So I want to be able to add a label to that imrect blue box, let's say in the top of the box such that the label will be also moving with the rectangle generated from imrect.
Any idea how to do that?
Best, Meshooo

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Thank you very much. But what you sent me runs with the computer vision toolbox which I don't have. I want to make a similar thing using the image processing toolbox only.

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Answer by Image Analyst
on 9 Jun 2015
 Accepted Answer

You can use plot(), line(), or rectangle() to draw/erase/move the rectangle. You can use text() to place a label near it.

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Thank you very much. Do you know any example that crop the image at the rectangle coordinates?
croppedImage = imcrop(originalImage, [x, y, width, height]);
which works with color or gray scale images, or
croppedImage = grayImage(row1:row2, col1:col2); % Gray scale image
croppedImage = rgbImage(row1:row2, col1:col2, :); % Color image

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