Is it possible to access CAN messages from .dbc file using message ID in the Vehicle Network Toolbox?

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Bhim Khanal
Bhim Khanal 2015년 6월 8일
편집: Vasanthilakshmi Karri 2016년 8월 8일
I would like to access and send messages with the structures the database file using message ID (they are short to type and remember) instead of message name and possibly change signal values before sending. I know it can be done using message name but would like to do with the IDs. Is it possible to do that?

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Drew Davis
Drew Davis 2015년 6월 9일
편집: Drew Davis 2015년 6월 9일
The canMessage API allows you to do this
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Vasanthilakshmi Karri
Vasanthilakshmi Karri 2016년 8월 8일
I have the same application and I am new to CAN. I am not quite sure how to create this function CANId2Name. Do you have any sample code?

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