¿Why the battery (electrical source component in SimPowerSystem Matlab/Simulink toolbox) discharge at the same rate with different capacities?

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Hellow and greetings from Colombia.
I am currently developing a project involving Bidirectional DC/DC converters and DC/AC inverters, for grid-tied battery applications. the problem i found was that no matter what capacity value i choose for the battery, it discharge at the same rate with the same discharge current in both cases.
**First i tried a 5 Ah battery with a discharge current of a 100 A. The simulation last 1 second. And the SOC of the battery goes from 80% (initial SOC value) to 79.4%.
**Then, i run the same model, with the same discharge current and the same simulation time, with a 80 Ah battery this time. The SOC goes again from 80% to 79.4%
The battery's data is the following:
-Battery type: Lithium-Ion
-Nominal Voltage(V)= 200
-Rated capacity (Ah)= 5 or 80
-Initial SOC (%)= 80
Thanks in advanced for your collaboration. Have a nice day

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Javier Gazzarri
Javier Gazzarri 2015년 7월 19일
Hello, Jorge,
I am attaching a model like you describe above and it seems to work correctly for me. Please make sure you click Apply after you modify the capacity.
You will observe that the SOC change is much smaller for the larger capacity battery.
Best regards,
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