Changing the size and position of the simulink block

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Gopalakrishnan venkatesan
Gopalakrishnan venkatesan 2015년 5월 22일
댓글: Manuel K 2022년 11월 8일
How can I change the position and size of the simulink block from the matlab command window?
sys = 'testmodel';
add_block('Simulink/Commonly Used Blocks/Subsystem',[sys '/subsystem])
now i have created one subsystem and one outport.
what are the commands i need to use for changing the model size and position of the block?
Thanks a lot

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek 2015년 5월 22일
set_param('Model_Name/Block_Name','Position',[50 50 200 100])
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Nabil akroud | نبيــل عكرود
편집: Nabil akroud | نبيــل عكرود 2021년 11월 18일
by using get_param
  • get_param(Object,Parameter)
for example, the following code will open the vdp example and will give you the position of the gain block (Mu) inside it:
Abdelghafar Elkhaoui
Abdelghafar Elkhaoui 2022년 3월 27일
@Slimeni Omar to get the position of any block in simulink model :

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Prerana Ozarkar
Prerana Ozarkar 2019년 3월 5일
편집: Prerana Ozarkar 2019년 3월 5일
You need to use following command:
get_param(pathOfsystem, 'Position')
this will retuen you a 1X4 matrix in which positions will be stored in a manner [X Y Width Height]


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