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What are the system requirements to install XPC 2013b on a PC?

I installed xPC target 2013 on an old computer and it didn't work. That same computer works fine with xPC 2007.
After this, I installed again xPC 2013 on a newer PC and it worked properly.
My question is, what is the Restriction that does not allowed me to run an 2013 rtt on the older computer?
I am looking for documentation but now everything is related to 2015b.

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Umakant 님의 답변 20 May 2015
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Hi Jaime,
Please refer to the following link for system requirements for the release R2013b:

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That only tells you what you need to run Simulink itself, not what the requirements are for the target system for xPC purposes.
An Answer for a release before R2013b gives a link that I cannot examine (I do not have a support contract); see
URL hacking would suggest that the R2013b version of the link might be
Thanks Walter and Umakant, this helped me a lot. It is hard to find this information on the typical Mathworks webpage.
Thanks again,

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