How can I remove a field (or object) using 3D World Editor?

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Jeroen 2015년 5월 19일
댓글: Jeroen 2015년 5월 22일
Hi sir/madam,
As you can see in the printscreen in the attachment, I am trying to adapt the 'Skoda octavia' example of Matlab Simulink. In the Skoda octavia example included, in the virtual reality toolbox of Matlab 2014a, only two vehicles are simulated and I'm trying to simulate more vehicles, which worked. However, I would like to remove the (white-red colored) steering wheel which is visible above each car. Furthermore, I would like to remove the four xyz-frames which are placed around each car. Both visible in the printscreen in the attachment. I am trying to remove this using the 3D world editor, but I cannot find a way to remove these parts. Can you help me with this?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards, Jeroen Zegers


Sriram Narayanan
Sriram Narayanan 2015년 5월 20일
Hi Jeroen Zegers,
The steering wheel and the four frames are for navigating to the viewpoint "Driver's View - Car1". You can find the steering wheel geometry at the following location in the hierarchical tree in 3D World Editor by navigating through the transforms.
Car1 -> Vehicle_system_Car1 -> Vehicle_pos_Car1 -> Vehicle_rot_Car1 -> Vehicle_body_parts_Car1 -> Steering_wheel_aura_Car1
The 4 frames are defined by the "Triads.wrl" file in ExternProto. Deleting this will remove the 4 frames.
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Jeroen 2015년 5월 22일
Hi Sriram Narayanan,
First of all, thank you for your answer. However, I did not succeed.
1. In the hierarchical tree in the 3D World Editor I cannot find: "Car1 -> Vehicle_system_Car1 -> Vehicle_pos_Car1 -> Vehicle_rot_Car1 -> Vehicle_body_parts_Car1 -> Steering_wheel_aura_Car1" as you can see in the attachment car1.png. Thus I cannot find and delete the steering geometrie
2. Also in EXTERNPROTO in the 3D World Editor, I cannot find something named Triads.wrl. As you can see in the attachment externproto.png. I also searched in the matlab toolbox folders for a .wrl file named 'Triads.wrl', but I could not find any.
Can you tell me more specific how I should get there? Or should I get there as I showed using the printscreens? As I mentioned, I'm using Matlab 2014a, maybe it is different for other versions of Matlab?
Hope to hear. Thank you!

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