How to turn data from text file into cell array?

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So I've got this sample.txt and I'm told that the first integer is to be the number of triangles there are on the array while the following numbers are the width and height respectively.
So far I'm at:
and I get the string but it has no spaces. I want the scan to ignore the 1st number and make the rest into a 2 column matrix so I can used the height and width to create the area. Please help!

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Michael Haderlein
Michael Haderlein 2015년 5월 7일
편집: Michael Haderlein 2015년 5월 7일
What is rows 2-18? Under the assumption that we can ignore them, just use textscan and take them as headerlines:
>> fid=fopen('sample.txt');
>> data=textscan(fid,'%f%f','headerlines',18);
>> fclose(fid);
>> width=data{1};
>> height=data{2};
However, only 100 rows are found then instead of 112. But as some of the rows before row 19 have more/less than 2 columns, they don't seem to have the same meaning.
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Japoe25 2015년 5월 7일
That's much better! thank you kind sir, sorry for duplicating, I was getting impatient :(

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