How can I disable font smoothing within a legend?

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HoBe 2015년 4월 21일
편집: Brian C Coe 2019년 6월 18일
I want to globally disable font smoothing for all text entries within figures, since smoothed text looks very poor on my display.
I tried:
set(groot, 'DefaultTextFontSmoothing', 'off');
set(groot, 'DefaultAxesFontSmoothing', 'off');
which seems to work for xlabel(), title(), etc. but not for the text within legends.
I am using Matlab R2015a.

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Brian C Coe
Brian C Coe 2019년 5월 30일
편집: Brian C Coe 2019년 6월 18일
function [leg,labelhandles,outH,outM] = legend2(varargin)
% function [leg,labelhandles,outH,outM] = legend2(varargin)
% quite possibly the stupidest code i ever had to hack-up to get around a matlab stupidity.
% call 'legend2' instead of 'legend' to remove the noisy font smoothing.
% still can't figure out how to remove the graphicssmoothing, however.
% 2019may31 ~bcoe
if isempty(varargin)
[leg,labelhandles,outH,outM] = legend(varargin{:});
for ii=1:length(leg.ItemText)
% leg.ItemTokens(ii).graphicssmoothing='off'; %still trying to kill linesmoothing
call 'legend2' instead of 'legend'... (-sigh-)

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Cindy Solomon
Cindy Solomon 2015년 4월 22일
Hi HoBe,
In order to turn off the font smoothing of a legend, you can set the FontSmoothing property of a text object that is a child of the legend. For example:
[h,objs] = legend('one')
Since the legend is no longer a child of the axis, changing the FontSmoothing property of the axis does not have any impact on the legend. Hope this helps!
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HoBe 2015년 4월 23일
Hi Cindy,
thanks for your answer. This solution works for me as a workaround. However, is there a way to turn off font smoothing of legends on a global level? I would expect that
set(groot, 'DefaultTextFontSmoothing', 'off');
should do the job, but it does not.

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