How to calculate and display electricity used in a month using fprintf?

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Given: A power company charges 6.6 cents per KWH of electricity.
Find: Write a script that prompts the user for the number of KWH's they used in a month. The script should then calculate the total elecericty charge for the month and display it in dollars, with 2 decimals.
I got it figured out :
n = input('How many kWh this month: ');
fprintf('Your charge for 200 kWh will be $%.2f\n', 0.066*n);

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Stephen23 2024년 2월 23일
편집: Stephen23 2024년 3월 21일 13:35
Note that the assignment does not require that you also print the number of kWH, only the charge is required:
n = str2double(input('How many kWH this month: ','s'));
fprintf('Your charge will be $%.2f\n', 0.066*n)
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Kyle Weaver
Kyle Weaver 2024년 2월 25일
편집: Kyle Weaver 2024년 3월 21일 9:12
Eureka! I overcomplicate everything when it comes to MATLAB for some reason. If you put this in an answer I can accept. :)

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2024년 2월 23일
KWH = input('How many KWH this month: ');
BILL = 0.066 * KWH;
fprintf('Your charge for %f KWH will be $%.2f\n', KWH, BILL)


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