Processing Multiple Files at once.

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Sai Gudlur
Sai Gudlur 2024년 2월 21일
댓글: Sai Gudlur 2024년 2월 21일
Hello Everyone,
I have attached two Scripts to this. One of the scripts processes (File named Single Single_FIle_GPP) spits the output I am looking for but I would want my code to do this with multiple files are selected.
Currently my output is of Two Columns and 80 Rows (max) from one file in a table format. In case of of multiple files I would want my next files output spaced by one column.
MultiFile_Input is the Incomeplete Script.
Could someone suggest an efficient indexing method Please.
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VBBV 2024년 2월 21일
Add single and/or double whitespace to end of the existing completed table variable for single file input and process it for multiple files reading each file data sequentially in a loop
VBBV 2024년 2월 21일
Important that table variables used for reading data must remain same for each input file

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2024년 2월 21일
[filelist,pathn] = uigetfile('*.*','Please Select a Par File in .dat or .txt', 'multiselect', 'on');
if isnumeric(filelist); error('no file selected'); end
filelist = cellstr(filelist); %take care of case where a single file was selected
filelist = fullfile(pathn, filelist);
for K = 1 : length(filelist)
filename = filelist{K};
%do the processing stuff here
Complete_Table{K} = vertcat(TF_Standard_Table,TF_Performance_Table,TF_Tanker_Table,TF_Off_Road_Table);
At this point you have to decide how you want to put all of the tables together. In the general case, you cannot assume that TF_Standard is the same for all of the files. Maybe you want to do an inner join or something like that.
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Sai Gudlur
Sai Gudlur 2024년 2월 21일
Thanks a lot Mr.Roberson. I had a typo in my script I accidently added TF_Standard to Economy table which I fixed after reading your comment.
With the current format tables within the variable complete table are stored as Cell. Will try to extract tables from the Cells.

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