How does the zoom out feature work?

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Ken 2024년 2월 12일
댓글: Ken 2024년 2월 15일
On a uiaxes plot, the zoom in tool (magnifying glass with a + sign) works quite nicely. Having chosen that tool, I drag a rectangle across the plot, and it zooms in.
There is also a zoom out tool (magnifying glass with a - sign). When I choose that tool and then click or drag on the plot, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENS. What is the secret to it? How does this tool work?

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Voss 2024년 2월 12일
Two things to be aware of:
  1. You can't click-and-drag with zoom out, i.e., you can't select a region that's larger than the current view. Zoom out happens when you click, and subsequent dragging has no effect.
  2. You have to zoom in or pan before you can zoom out. That is, by default MATLAB won't let you zoom out beyond the initial limits of the plot.
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Austin M. Weber
Austin M. Weber 2024년 2월 12일
@Ken, The above is correct. In addition to this, if you want to return to the original plot size after zooming in/out, you can click the home icon (looks like a house), and that will revert the plot to its default state.
Ken 2024년 2월 15일
Yes, but in fact when I have zoomed in and then picked the zoom out tool (it's highlighted blue) and I click in the graph, NOTHING happens. Click repeatedly, with or without dragging, nothing happens. On any graph, ever.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2024년 2월 12일
As you zoom in, the tools internally keep a history of your positions. When you zoom out, the tool pops the previous position off and restores it.


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