How can I find the steady state of the Externally Excited Synchronous Motor model?

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I need to find of this model:

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Sabin 2024년 1월 25일
Starting in R2023b, you must use openExample to open Simscape Electrical example models from the MATLAB Command Window. You can still access the example models from the documentation. For instance, to open the Three-Phase Synchronous Machine Drive example from the MATLAB Command Window, enter:
You can find a table that lists the previous and current example names in the release notes under 'Example Updates: Open examples from the documentation or command line':
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Sabin 2024년 1월 26일
This is a closed loop control structure. To start from steady state, you’ll have to decide what speed you want and then do the following changes:
  • In the ‘Synchronous Machine Model 1.0 (SI parameters)’ block, change the initial target to Rotor speed to desired value (for example 1500 rpm) and priority high.
  • In the ‘Inertia’ block change the initial target to Rotor speed to priority None.
  • In the Step change initial value to same as final value (example 1500)
  • In the Control subsystem, set the initial condition to Rate Limiter to desired speed value (example 1500)
If you are interested in computing steady state currents and voltages, that is possible based on machine dq abd excitation equations for a particular operating point. I hope this helps.

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