How to deploy code to custom STM32 board via ST-Link JTAG?

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Tanmay Bhatia
Tanmay Bhatia 2024년 1월 19일
답변: Debadipto 2024년 2월 6일
STM32 cube programmer connects to the Custom MCU fine but Matlab gives error "no STM32 MCU connected". I am not deploying the code using serial directly but rather using ST link JTAG (5 pin). Please advise with correct parameters.
I was following the tutorial by Matlab:
Thank you.

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Debadipto 2024년 2월 6일
Hello @Tanmay,
I understand that you are getting the error 'No STM32 MCU connected' during the deployment.
STM32CUBEMX is related to a third-party tool controlled by STMicroelectronics. You can leverage help from the ST community by posting your query on the “Ask” section of their website.
Please refer to the following link to the ST Community page -




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