Is it possible to install MATLAB libraries directly to a Raspberry pi?

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I want to connect to my Raspberry Pi Model 4B, but during the installation of the libraries and packages 3 libraries can't get installed.
I think that some of my problems in the work with the Pi come from those missing libraries. Is it possible to download the manually to the pi?
Thanks in advance
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Alexander Penne
Alexander Penne 2023년 11월 7일
That worked! Change to Bullseye OS and it all works.
Simon Schirk
Simon Schirk 2023년 11월 8일
Oh nice. Thanks for the heads up. I'll give it a go.

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MathWorks MATLAB Hardware Team
MathWorks MATLAB Hardware Team 2023년 11월 8일
You are encountering this error because you are using MATLAB Support package for Raspberry Pi with the Raspberry pi of "bookworm" debian release.
MATLAB support package for Raspberry Pi supports only strech,buster & bullseye OS as of R2023b release.
We are considering including support for "bookworm" OS in future release.
MATLAB Hardware Team

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