Having trouble with arduinosetup

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Samuel Shrem
Samuel Shrem 2023년 10월 27일
Hi yall, I'm trying to setup my arduino for a biomedical engineering project, but when I go through the setup (as accessed by the arduinosetup command), matlab returns an error message of 'Failed to program the Arduino board' and gives an unusual error log:
Oct 27, 2023 2:08:23 PM com.mathworks.hwservices.logging
INFO: Loading configuration...
Initializing packages...
As you can see it's not much help, but if anyone's had this issue before, I would really appreciate some guidance!

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MathWorks MATLAB Hardware Team
MathWorks MATLAB Hardware Team 2023년 10월 30일
Thanks for reaching out to us. Please contact MathWorks Technical Support to resolve this errors.
MATLAB Hardware Team


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