How Do I filter this zigzag wave?

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William Lee
William Lee . 2023년 9월 22일
댓글: Jon . 2023년 9월 22일
I use simulink to simulate my manipulator, and this is a data of position,velocity, acceleration and joint moment. My qestion is that there is some zigzag wave, why does this happen and how sovle is through filtering?
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Jon 2023년 9월 22일
I don't have the full context for your problem, but I think you may have some stability problems with your control that are displayed in your data. If this is the case you should determine how to stabilize the control (perhaps tuning of the controllers) rather than filtering the data and hiding the problem.

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE 2023년 9월 22일
following my comments above, if you use smoothn - File Exchange - MATLAB Central (
the 'robust' method can remove your spikes quite efficiently :
x = linspace(0,100,256);
y = cos(x/10)+(x/50).^2 + randn(size(x))/10;
y([70 75 80]) = [5.5 5 6];
N = 100;
z = smoothn(y,N); % Regular smoothing
zr = smoothn(y,N,'robust'); % Robust smoothing
subplot(121), plot(x,y,'r',x,z,'k','LineWidth',2)
axis square, title('Regular smoothing')
subplot(122), plot(x,y,'r',x,zr,'k','LineWidth',2)
axis square, title('Robust smoothing')


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