impact of zero sequence inductance when applied pmsm model

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adhavan d
adhavan d . 2023년 8월 30일
댓글: adhavan d . 2023년 9월 28일
how to identifid impact of zero sequence inductance where is applied in ipmsm model in delta connection.

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Sabin 2023년 9월 27일
If the delta-wound option is selected, then is no longer valid that the ia+ib+ic=0. Hence the external circuit can drive an out-of-balance set of currents. The impact of zero sequence inductance will depend on the external circuit. Considering that v0=Rsi0+L0(di0/dt) we can conclude that zero sequence inductance will have an impact in the transient regime such as sudden changes in load and can help to dampen the oscillations. I hope this helps.

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