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Raspberry Pi Wget download problem

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yan wei
yan wei 10 Apr 2015
댓글: Jun 25 Aug 2015
I have a problem on R2013a, I can't download the Hardware Support Package for Raspberry Pi. While I'm downloading the package I receive this message: Cannot download Error downloading URL. Does anybody know a solution for this problem? I've tried it couple of times, but always end up with the same problem.Thanks for the helps!

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Murat Belge
Murat Belge 20 Apr 2015
Can you download "" directly using a web browser (Chrome or Internet Explorer)?
If you have an anti-virus software, try disabling it while installing the support package.

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Jun 25 Aug 2015
I can not download the wget.exe now, and i can not doanload it from the IE and Chrome. Can you send me one by Email, very thanks!

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