Customise marker and Line Style 2 value same Y axes in stackedplot

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Greg LANGE 2023년 5월 19일
답변: Askic V 2023년 5월 19일
Hello I have a common y axes for my first group
I don't find solution about customizing the markers for the first line I have for both info 'o' but I want "x" and "+"
I have the same question but about the line, here i have put 'none' but it works for both info, who could I apply "--" and ":"
vars = {["T_TECS_Apt01","T_TECS_Apt01_SIMU"],"Volume"}% data 1 and 2 = temperature and data 3 [K] = volume [L]
figure(3);s=stackedplot(affichage_info_RAW3,vars);s.AxesProperties(2).YLimits = [-0.05 20];
s.AxesProperties(2).YLimits = [-5 25];
s.AxesProperties(1).YLimits = [-5 80];
s.AxesProperties(1).LegendVisible = "off"
s.LineProperties(2).PlotType = "stairs";
s.LineProperties(1).LineStyle='none'% remove the line for both

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Askic V
Askic V 2023년 5월 19일
Can you try this:
s.LineProperties(1).LineStyle = ["none", "-"]% remove the line for first
s.LineProperties(1).Marker = ["x","+"]

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