Fixed Wing Manual Control using RC Transmitter/Joystick

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Hasan Khanzada
Hasan Khanzada 2023년 5월 15일
답변: Debadipto 2024년 2월 6일
I am trying to Run Fixed Wing Manual Control using RC Transmitter/Joystick Example for PX4 using Logitech Extreme 3D Pro JoyStick. I have callibrated the joy stick and configured Diiferent Switches for Mode Change. But when i run the examle nothing happens when i increase throttle. When throttle is high it does not Arm and give Error and Throttle is high. Additionally mode changes when i press the respective joystick button. Appearently it shows that i have callibrated joystick correctly. Why does not any thing happen on throttle Increase ?
Note: I have Perfromed all the required settings in Q Ground and Matlab and therefore it worked perfectly fine in Autonomous Mission using Qgound and Manual Simulink Mission.
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Manoj Velmurugan
Manoj Velmurugan 2023년 5월 16일
Is this the example you are using?
Were you able to arm using the joystick (and see the armed status in the top left corner of QGC)?
Hasan Khanzada
Hasan Khanzada 2023년 5월 16일
Yes i am using the Matlab Example and did not make any edit in it. Yes i was able to arm using Joystick and The status is Arm.

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Debadipto 2024년 2월 6일
The issue you're describing with the throttle not responding and the error message about the throttle being too high during arming could be due to a safety feature in PX4. Apparently, PX4 requires the throttle to be at its lowest position before it will arm to prevent accidental motor engagement.
I would suggest you to refer to the following relevant Github issue:

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