Is it possible to output a NaN from the signal editor block? (RE)

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Aarish 2023년 4월 25일
댓글: Aarish 2023년 4월 25일
I'm hoping to add a signal editor for a test harness for my model in Simulink. The data which needs to be entered to the model has NaN values, but it seems like the signal editor block cannot output NaN's. What issue might I be running into? I looked at a similar MATLAB Central thread, but did not find my answer there (although I had the same problem). Is there any other way to input NaN values from a loading block? Thanks!

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Sara Nadeau
Sara Nadeau 2023년 4월 25일
If you are working in R2022b or later, you could try loading the data using a Playback block instead to see if that works for you:
Generally other loading blocks, such as the Signal Editor, From Workspace, and Inport blocks, currently do not support loading Inf or NaN values.


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