Legend with geobubble function is not behaving as expected

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Askic V
Askic V . 2023년 4월 23일
편집: Askic V . 2023년 4월 23일
I have very strange and unexpected behavior of showing legend when using geobubble function.
I'm reading data from the csv (attached) file. I have created a live script which is also attached. The problem is the following:
  • when original file is read from the cv file and a subset data is created, when using geobubble function and then legen show, this legend is incorrectly displayed i.e. contains entries that don't apprear on the plot.
  • When this data subset is written to a data file and then read again using readtable function, the same code now have expected bahavior.
Data is read from csv file with the following function: importfile.m
Matlab Version is 2021a.Exported pdf is also attached.
The problem doesn't appear if for example readtable is used to read from the original file, but only if importfile function is applied.
This importfile is the function that is automatically generated from the "Import Data Tool" in Matlab. So, in this function is the problem.
I wonder what it is and why, since the function is generated and not written from the scratch.
I hope someone will be able to clarify this.
Thank you.

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