How can I make the Graph finish in zero (In the x line) in Simulink?

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Valentin Augusto Simbron Mckay
Valentin Augusto Simbron Mckay 2023년 4월 21일
답변: Sara Nadeau 2023년 4월 24일
Hello community, hope anyone can help me,
I have created a simulation in Simulink, but I have a problem, the XY graph starts in zero (in the Y line) but it does not finish in zero (in the X line), I would like that the simulation finish even if it is possible after the zero.
I have attached my program
Thanks in advance for the help

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Sara Nadeau
Sara Nadeau 2023년 4월 24일
I am not sure whether I completely understand the question. It sounds like you want to control the limits for the x and y axes in the plot.
If you are using R2022b or later, you can edit the axis limits. On the Format tab for the Record block, clear Autoscale. Then, use the text fields to specify the limits.


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