How to get the exact samples inside SOM neurons

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NCA 2023년 4월 18일
답변: Priyank Pandey 2023년 4월 26일
I have abalysed my data using neural clustering for Self Otganising Maps from the Neural Net Clustering from Machine Learning and Deep Learning app in MATLAB. I am not sure how to know the exact samples inside the neurons after clustering as shown on the sample hits map. For example, I have 7 samples inside one neuron, how do I identify the samples from my original data.The sampe hits are as per attached

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Priyank Pandey
Priyank Pandey 2023년 4월 26일
To identify the samples from your original data set that are assigned to a particular neuron in your self-organizing map (SOM), you can use the 'vec2ind' function in MATLAB.
The 'vec2ind' function takes as input a matrix of neuron outputs, where each row corresponds to the output of a neuron for a particular input sample. The output of the function is a vector of indices that indicates which neuron had the highest output for each input sample.
To use 'vec2ind' to identify the samples associated with a particular neuron, you need to find the index of the neuron you are interested in on your SOM's hit map, and then find the corresponding row in the output matrix that represents that neuron's output for each input sample. The indices of the input samples that are associated with that neuron can then be obtained from the output of 'vec2ind'.
To know more about how to use vec2ind function refer to the following code:
I hope this helps.

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