Error in opening MATLAB device file for LED trigger source.

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Syed Hadi
Syed Hadi 2023년 4월 13일
댓글: Prasanth Sunkara 2023년 9월 11일
Hi, I am using the 'MATLAB support package for Raspberry Pi hardware' using MATLAB 2023a. I have installed all the necessary files on the Pi. I began following the tutorial here:
I got to the first step, ran the code
rpi = raspi('IP Address','username','password');
and was met with the following error (Practice_1 is the name of the script):
Error using Practice_1
Cannot open the device file for LED trigger source.
Any help please? I followed the tutorials accurately on the MathWorks website
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Syed Hadi
Syed Hadi 2023년 4월 26일
Hi, no I haven't got any response, I'm in contact with MathWorks about this, so I'll update this thread once we come to a solution.
Atakan Aral Ormanci
Atakan Aral Ormanci 2023년 4월 27일
I am getting the same error, i have checked the /sys/class/leds directory, it doesn't have led0 led1 led2. This might be causing the problem, i believe it has a function that when matlab is connected to RPi, it uses the leds, but in the connection phase, becouse it doesn't have the led0 activation command in the directory, it doesn't allow the connection.
But its just a guess.

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Syed Hadi
Syed Hadi 2023년 5월 9일
편집: Syed Hadi 2023년 5월 9일
Hi guys,
I've been in contact with MathWorks support and we've solved this issue.
Basically, if you follow the link below:
You can see a list of OS for Raspberry Pi. MATLAB doesn't support the latest versions of the OS.
What you need to do is follow the link below:
And download the file named "2022-09-22-raspios-bullseye-armhf.img.xz".
Then, you can install the OS onto your SD Card using the normal method.
I used balenaEtcher to decompress and flash the OS onto the SD card.
The development team are now aware of this issue and will look into fixing it for future OS.
Hope this helps.
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Beryl Wicaksono
Beryl Wicaksono 2023년 6월 5일
Hi Syed Hadi,
are you facing ssh certificate issue after installing 2022-09-22-raspios-bullseye-armhf.img.xz? How do you resolve it?
Prasanth Sunkara
Prasanth Sunkara 2023년 9월 11일
In my opinion using the official Raspberry Pi Imager tool is a better way to setup an image.
Please ensure you have enabled SSH and assigned proper hostname and user credentials. You may optionally enter the WiFi details as well.
There is an option in the Raspberry Pi imager tool to flash images from your PC too. Towards the end the list

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MathWorks MATLAB Hardware Team
MathWorks MATLAB Hardware Team 2023년 5월 8일
이동: Walter Roberson 2023년 5월 8일
Hi All,
Follow these steps to resolve the issue,
  • Open Raspberry Pi terminal and execute
  • $ cd /opt/MATLAB/
  • $ sudo pkill mwUnifiedSrvr
  • $ sudo rm -rf *
  • Download and extract following zip files
  • In MATLAB, change your working directory to the above extracted files
  • Run >> applyPath.m file
  • Create a raspi object in matlab
  • >> r = raspi("myAddress",'pi','raspberry');
MATLAB Hardware Team
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Antonios Gementzopoulos
Antonios Gementzopoulos 2023년 5월 17일
I have just tried it and it works as advertised.
Beryl Wicaksono
Beryl Wicaksono 2023년 6월 29일
This solution is also work. I have tried it.

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Sandin Taci
Sandin Taci 2023년 5월 4일
Hey @Syed Hadi, try "raspberrypi instead of "raspi":
rpi = raspberrypi('IP Address','username','password')
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Sandin Taci
Sandin Taci 2023년 5월 4일
Can you go through these steps again, I guess you skipped a step. Your hardware tab in the Simulink model does not look customized.
Atakan Aral Ormanci
Atakan Aral Ormanci 2023년 5월 4일
편집: Atakan Aral Ormanci 2023년 5월 4일
i just did the steps again and then i realised the problem is with the led.
i then tried to control a servo and it worked.

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