xPC Target Build Problem with Fastcom 422/2-PCI-335

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Elzem 2011년 2월 24일
I have created a SIMULINK model with only one "422/2-PCI-335 F" block. Building this model seems to work without a problem. However, loading to the target results in the following error:
Error using ==> callMakeHook.p>callMakeHook at 47
Thecall to xpctarget_make_rtw_hook, during the exit hook geneated the following error:
Error using ==> xpctarget.xpc.load at 38
TCP/IP Connect Error
After receiving the error, the target needs to be reset for us to be able to connect to it.
Note 1: The connections pass all the tests performed by "xpctest".
Note 2: I'm using MATLABr2007a and the corresponding SIMULINK and xPCTarget.

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Gordon Weast
Gordon Weast 2011년 2월 25일
One likely possibility here is that the BIOS assigned the same IRQ to the Fastcom board as it assigned to the Ethernet board.
In R2007b we added the capability to share an IRQ between multiple boards. Before that, your situation would occur if you try to use the same IRQ.
Run 'getxpcpci all' at the Matlab prompt after rebooting the target and see if the Fastcom board and the Ethernet board are using the same IRQ. If they are, try moving the Fastcom board to another slot and check again.
I'm assuming that you already ran getxpcpci to find out which IRQ the Fastcom board is configured to and you set the block to that same IRQ. In R2007a, you need to do this or the target will crash, or actually get stuck in interrupt service.
These are two possibilities for you to check. If you're still having a problem, please contact tech support and we'll work through it with you.


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