Does Matlab provide any tools to understand the contents in an image and describe it using words?

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I am new to neural network and just about to start to build my own.
I am hoping to achieve that with an input of an image, the output would be a few sentences in texts to describe the contents (and even feelings) of this image.
Where should I start? Does Matlab have any developed tools or trained networks that I can just grab and use?
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Salad Box
Salad Box 2023년 3월 21일
Thank you so much @the cyclist for your advices. Will definitely do what you suggested.
Thank you @John D'Errico@Bjorn Gustavsson for being straightforward. I do appreciate that.

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Matt J
Matt J 2023년 3월 21일

Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2023년 3월 21일
There are examples in various products (mainly using Deep Learning Toolbox and/or Computer Vision Toolbox) to perform image classification to determine which of a set of items in the training data an image represents. See as one example this page that shows how to use a pretrained network (SqueezeNet) with ten lines of code to perform that classification.
But if you're looking for "Computer, identify the object on the viewscreen" a la Star Trek where the object is something completely new, I don't think you're going to be able to achieve that.
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Salad Box
Salad Box 2023년 3월 21일
Thank you for your advice @Steven Lord. They are really helpful.
I am not looking for anything completely new, not at this stage at least. I am just trying to build a basic model and see what I can achieve with that at moment.
Will definitely try examples you mentioned.
Thank you again for the reply.:)

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