How to Draw a Pentagon or Polygon by Using Function

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Özgür Alaydin
Özgür Alaydin 2023년 3월 15일
댓글: Özgür Alaydin 2023년 3월 16일
Dear all,
I want to draw a pentagon and am using the code given below.
Vb is the height of the pentagon. X and Y are the limits of the coordinates in the given directions.
The problem is: when i plot i am getting the pentagon but lengths are not equal as shown in figure.
How can i get a regular pentagon?
a=10; %% size of pentagon
polyg = 5;
Nx=50; Ny=50;
Mx=50; My=50;
f1 = (abs(X)<a*sind((polyg-2)*180/polyg));
f2 = (X*cotd(360/polyg)-a<Y)...
.* (-X*cotd(360/polyg)-a<Y)...
.* (-X*cotd(360/polyg)+a>Y);
fx = f1.*f2;
V0 = (1-fx)*Vb;


Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2023년 3월 15일
Why not just use nsidedpoly?
P = nsidedpoly(5);
axis equal
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Özgür Alaydin
Özgür Alaydin 2023년 3월 16일
Not as i want because i will use integration after getting the coordinates of the pentagon.

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