Handle to a Property or field

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nathan blanc
nathan blanc . 2023년 3월 14일
댓글: nathan blanc . 2023년 3월 18일
Lets say I have a struct or a handle object with many properties, so that calling a property with a dot is time consuming (it is done millions of times ever run)
is there a way to asign a handle to the property so that I can call it directly?

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Rik 2023년 3월 14일
The only way I can think of is to make that property contain an object of a handle class. Other than that, no, because you can only directly refer to objects, not to their properties.
If the indexing is the problem, why not store the value in a variable? I can't imagine any user interaction generating changes millions of times.
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nathan blanc
nathan blanc 2023년 3월 18일
Thank you again for your answer Rik :)
Your answer looks like a good workaround, albeit a bit dirty. I will try it

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